Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Time became a blur.
I drifted in and out of consciousness. I'd like to say that I was blissfully unaware of my surroundings, of the pain, of the poking and prodding. That wasn't the case. I'd try to hold on to voices and images, but couldn't respond, couldn't make a coherent picture of it in my mind, couldn't quite get the meaning of the words that were spoken.
When I'd stop pushing to re-enter the world of the living, I'd float on that dark sea, alone. Then, unexpectedly a light dawned over the horizon.
I awoke. I didn't expect it to last, but it did. Consciousness held on to me and it didn't let go this time.

The first thing I saw was Jupiter. He was standing on the left side of the the bed, his hair ruffled and a hopeful smile dawning on his lips. A wave of affection passed over my limp senses, he was still there...he hadn't abandoned me..
There was someone standing next to him. I gently turned my head to see another tall man standing at the foot of the bed. It was Jupiter again...but not quite the same...this man was about 20 years younger.
What a strange sickness this was. It made me see double, but in different time zones!
The effort of trying to analyse this befuddling situation strained all of my energy. And I suddenly felt immense thirst. I tried to speak my first word.
- Ohter...
The old Jupiter looked at the young Jupiter puzzled.
- I think she means "water"! said the young Jupiter
The old Jupiter hurried to my bedside and poured me a glass of water. The young Jupiter didn't move.
I felt my head being lifted and my lips touching a cold, smooth damp surface.
Then, I passed out. Again.


  1. I have just read all the journal entries so far in one go! What a lovely and interesting story. Her visit to the library and the Colours Journal have been especially encouraging for me at this time.

    I am really looking forward to finding out what had happened to Lea, if Nicholas and her are going to be reunited, what was going on on the Eastern Isles, and of course, can't wait to see more of Lea's beautiful drawings.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. So Lea gets a bit better but presents us with a puzzle. My compliments to her author.