Thursday, July 28, 2011

About Libraries

The journeys I have made are few, so my good friend Noa, who is a passionate traveler constantly surprises me with information about the unknown places he has visited. Today we walked together, conversing about the Library's new keeper. (Old miss Philomena Biblio had stepped down as Librarian due to her failing eyesight, poor dear kept storing the Deadliest Poisons in the Dearest Possessions section, which upset many an old lady when looking for old beloved pie recipes)
Anyway, Noa talked about libraries he had visited that were very different to ours, where the books that were stored were not personal journal entries of the inhabitants of the place, but were written by a few select people! I was dumbfounded! How could a handful of people possibly know what the world is about? it looks so different to each individual human being! How much knowledge would be lost! Our Library stored all the personal journals of every single person who ever lived or visited St Francis...above is one of my entries to such a journal that is now stored hopefully under the right section, in the Library.