Thursday, August 22, 2013

The tide that turns

I didn't get to ask Jupiter my questions.
I went to the tree where I thought I may find him, but in his place I found a neatly folded note : "Back in an hour, leak at Monastery". Oh well, I was feeling oddly tired and still shaken by the strange letter I had received. I might as well have a rest and wait for him.
So I sat under the tree, on the cool moist grass. I let my mind wander and trace my thoughts, like you would a contour of a stone. My life seemed whole, yet I knew deep down, I yearned for more. I loved my work, the birds, the garden ,the island...But...forever aching for something that was unattainable, probably because I didn't even know what that something was vague but constant.
These and lesser thoughts danced their awkward little dance in my head and after a short while I drifted into sleep.
I lay there, naive, in total ignorance of how things would shift and change very shortly. How the bright light of that afternoon would recede and the shadows would lengthen and seem to be never ending.