Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The grouping of species on each page is done by Nicholas. The above group's theme was glaringly obvious...or so I thought! Nicholas smiled at my clumsy attempt to show excitement over it. "I know you are thinking that grouping them based on their colour, is unimaginative...and maybe a little boring?" I tried not to nod. And failed. He laughed (thankfully). "The colour link is only the tip of the iceberg. The meadow boar, can almost always be found in fields of Dusk Bells. Dusk Bells as the name suggests emit a quiet but distinct "tinker" at dusk. The Warbler, when hearing the sound the bells make, breaks into a whispered melancholic song, almost as an answer, and the single Soulsearcher Geese in turn, listening to the Warblers sad song dive (literally) into their loneliness...diving deep into the lake only to resurface when almost out of breath."
"I thought I knew everything about birds, evidently not! That is so sad!"
"Don't worry" he said reassuringly " Nature rewards the patient. The geese do eventually find their mate...but that only happens when the Unpredictable Ferns, flower."
I couldn't help but wonder if there is a fern with my name on it, somewhere out there. But that's a question I kept to myself.