Wednesday, May 23, 2012

After the grey

The long winter is now over and with the sweet scent of Spring in the air, the Aviary looks more alive and vibrant than ever. The once grey, bare branches are now full of bloom and melodic, occasionally quirky bird songs...It was a wild and difficult winter.. While walking through the grounds assessing what needed to be done I decided doing everything myself would be impossible to say the least, so I sent an sos to my neighbors at St Francis chapel, via one of my eager messenger birds.
The sister in charge sent a very sweet letter in reply, saying that she would send me some helpers once they have finished tending to the chapel's gardens needs...adding if it were possible to do her a favor in return: an important (?) Naturalist is currently a guest of hers and is eager to see more of the island and especially the Aviary.... In her words "He is conducting a study of the island's flora and fauna and he has titled the said study thus "The Natural History of the Imaginary World". I hope you don't mind never know, he may know a bird or two you have never even heard about!"
I doubt that would be the case...I think I have the bird world covered here. Oh dear, I do sound full of myself...anyway I shall be meeting him tomorrow midday... I'll keep you posted!