Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A letter from the East

-The letter. It arrived this morning by way of the monastery.
The dishevelled nun who delivered it didn't look too happy - 

 I pride myself in believing I can read between the lines.
When someone says "Oh no, it tastes delicious but I just had my supper and couldn't possibly have
another bite!" I know that what they really mean is that the pie
I have just served them could have
done with more sugar (or less, if that day I was preoccupied with
something else while baking it...).
I know that if someone says "have you done something different to your hair Lea?" it really means "You look like you did when I last
saw you and I would like to say something nice about your appearance but can't for the life of
me think of anything - you wear the same kind of thing day in - day out!"
But this letter has made me rethink
the strength of that particular ability.
Nicholas has that effect on me
and while it is refreshing and adds
a certain spice to our conversations, I hate not him being here so I can ask him a few straightforward questions and get some simple straightforward answers...
Who is this "charming Sara"?
What is so special about these
Eastern Isles? What has he found
that he thinks he needs to talk in
riddles about it? How on Gods earth does he think I'll be able to travel to meet him? And what are these Passage Way Poems, that he believes have enchanted me?
The latter I suppose I can find an answer to. Jupiter can at least help me solve that one...Now I only need to find him.. last time I saw him he was halfway up the cherry tree making affectionate sounds to some newly hatched chicks.
I'll take him some tea and pie. I hope he has not just had breakfast.