Saturday, May 18, 2013

A gentle planet

It has been two months since Jupiter has joined me. Things were a little awkward and truth be told I felt quite tense and uneasy having another person around all the time. I sensed his own uneasiness too, and odd as it may seem, that first shared emotion was the thing that broke the ice.
I tried avoiding him as much as I could. He tried avoiding me. This resulted in some comical moments...imagine a giant of a man tiptoeing around in a room, trying to not disturb my writing, and bumping his forehead on the ceiling at every took three doses of my finest headache remedy, to avoid symptoms of acute concussion.
He has been very helpful, assisting me in daily chores, carrying heavy loads and fixing nests that I'd need a ladder to reach. The birds have taken a liking to him, and a few even perch on his shoulder when he takes his long afternoon walks. Lately I sometimes accompany him too...and we talk...he has some thought provoking ideas...