Friday, June 15, 2012

Meeting Nicholas

Nicholas was not at all how I expected...I had envisaged a short, bald, aging man with spectacles with possibly a hint of a hump, clutching notes and other technical paraphernalia, but to my surprise at midday precisely,  I came face to face with a tall, cherub faced young man, barely out of his teens, wearing a bright smile and curious gaze.
Conversation was at first minimal, the lad seemed completely absorbed by his surroundings, that I d aren't utter a sentence longer than three words, afraid I'd disturb his studying  the birds and other wild life. But as afternoon snuggly settled around the garden, I felt the need to at least make an effort at a proper conversation. After serving him some honey-mint and lime tea, he felt obliged to take a break and give me some attention. I talked to him about the aviary and how I had come to be its keeper and he talked to me of his passion for observation and his ambition to travel the Isles and create a proper collection of the natural history of the Imaginary World...Feeling brave, I showed him some of my own drawings, observations I had made the passing months while taking breaks from my chores...He was so kind and made me blush...After studying the drawings meticulously he made me a proposition that startled and excited me: he proposed that I could do some drawings that would compliment his own scientific findings...a partnership as it were! I told him that I'd think about it and let him know....Two hours later I attached a note to one of my swiftest messenger birds with a simple phrase scribbled hastily saying: "Hell yes!"


  1. Beautiful and sweet and oh so love love lovely! :)

  2. Sweet Lea, it is very late here in Australia, way past sleep time and I have not visited for a while. Oh what beautiful thoughts you have filled my mind with, I will dream of you and Nicholas seeking and keeping and recording adorable things in your beautiful paradise. Bless.