Saturday, February 11, 2012

In The Beginning....

Legends of how the isles were first inhabited are many and have been tainted no doubt by the passing of time. The most popular legend however, is the story of Noah's Ark and its little known sister boat.
Legend has it that Noah's boat was not alone in rescuing fauna and setting sail on the wild seas of a drowning world. Another boat, smaller in size that took onboard many of the fauna that Noah could not fit on to the Ark sailed beside it but did not reach the same destination.
The reason for this is unclear. One version of the legend talks of heavy storms and unforgiving winds that drove the boats apart. Another version tells how Noah and Leanna, the smaller Arks captain spent days quarreling about their philosophy of how the New World should be like and decided that it would be for the best to take their separate ways. That is how the two worlds came to be, Noah the father of the world of reality and Leanna the mother of the imaginary world.
In this day and age not many remember Leanna's legacy and Noah's world has become the norm and accepted version of how the world should be.
But few, the dreamers and the misfits who cannot find their place in this world we live in, still seek refuge in Leanna's, an imaginary world where they are warmly and truly welcomed.

excerpt from "Legends of All Saints Isles" 1444

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