Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alone I write and paint...

Nefrine and Jana brighten up the darkest skies with their luminous feathers

Sometimes the world can seem a huge scary place to live in...even on my small Island...Within my garden and myself I find my sanctuary, where I am safe to dream and write and paint...


  1. Beautiful creatures in a beautiful world....and rendered as a fairy tale. I love your work!!

  2. I just found your work (Etsy) and your blog tonight! I love both! Your art work is enchanting. Thank you for brightening a very scary day!


  3. So Glad to have found you on your tiny island in this not so large world!
    Love your artworks and pure creativity. Thanks for sharing it with us all.
    I have been looking your etsy shop for a while but am so glad to add you
    to my blog fav list! Hope you have a special weekend coming up.
    xo Sye
    Astrachic Studio
    Northern Territory